Nature and sustaiability takes the center stage in the selection of the materials throughout the Estate.


Handmade, frameless, grandeur inner doors (275 x 90) from floor to ceiling; where the wood itself takes the center stage. Flush mounted, soft closing, precious Nogal Carey Walnut wood from the highest quality adorned with handles by Gruell.


The flooring of Elysian is made of Crema Marfil. Grand tiles of 120 x 90. Matching the spacious living, kitchen, bedrooms and hallways. The marble of the best quality, the uniformity of the veining and a pale colour range capable of adapting to everything. The entire inner floor features floor heating, customizable and controllable per room.


Lighting design created by Delta Light, trendsetter and market leader in architectural lighting. A Belgian family business that has been designing and manufacturing lighting since 1989.


Elysian features the most spectacular floor to ceiling, frameless sliding windows, that open automatically when arriving at the manor. An incredible length of 15 meters, 3.500 kilos, glides soundlessly in to the wall; appearing as if the windows were never there to begin with. Leaving an open space connecting the pool, terrace, living room and kitchen area.

Handcrafted by local craftsman. The carpentry of Elysian is a true gem.

Wooden beams & shutters

Wooden beams embellishing the interior and exterior connecting the two as one. Rare, hard wood beams with a spectacular appearance, made of northern Red Oak, characterizing Blakstad’s highly valued signature design. Resistant to the challenges faced by the sea side.

Built in closet

Flush mounted, soft closing, precious Nogal Carey Walnut wood from the highest quality matching the inner doors.


Designed by Blakstad, hand made, high quality light oak kitchen push to open cabinets with a marble stone kitchen island & counter. Fully equipped with built in equipment by Miele, Bora, Liebherr and Quooker.


Spacious sinks with and impeccable width of 1.60m designed by Blakstad, hand made of solid marble. Bath by Cocoon. Decorated with brushed brass showers and faucets.


Villa Elysian has been built with Ythong. A light building material made of lime, cement and sand, consists of minuscule fossilized air-filled cells. This stagnant air gives aerated concrete its striking and unique product properties in the field of thermal insulation, heat accumulation, moisture resistance and fire resistance. Ythong, enjoys a warm outer shell without thermal bridges and is far more insulating than traditional stone bricks.


Though Ythong is an insulating material, Elysian has added Sate (an exterior thermal insulation system) to increase the thermal and acoustical insulation of the property on the façade from the outside. The combination of Ythong and Sate guarantees that Elysian is by far the best insulated Villa in this Mediterranean climate.

“A hymn to life and a connection with nature.”

Its great beauty lies mainly in its delicate colour which ranges from beige to a soft pink, along with the characteristic ochre colouring of Mediterranean constructions. These muted tones and its insulating ability mean that houses with façades built in this stone do not absorb heat from the sun.

Like a recipe handed down by grandparents to their grandchildren, the island’s builders choose their stones practically one by one to make the walls.

Elysian’s walls have been created as if sewn together by hand, with local stone as the thread, giving the appearance that time has stood still. Living work of art, that contributes to the enjoyment of this unique and natural paradise.